Vegetables delivery IOS & Android App Features

Service Description

User end

  • Online raw vegetable ordering and delivery system
  • User login/registration
  • Users can request for the order cancellation easily
  • Users can select vegetables  anytime anywhere
  • Users can view the whole details related to their raw vegetable order
  • Users will get an instant email regarding the confirm booking of their vegetable  order
  • User can check order status 
  • Manage personal account 
  • View order history of current and previous orders
  • Add to cart option
  • Browse by category
  • Cash on delivery 
  • Online payment gateway
  • No minimum order

Staff end 

  • They will receive the order notification 
  • View the whole details of  order like address, name , price, quantity 
  • They will assign the delivery boys for a particular order 
  • View whether the order has been delivered by the delivery boys 
  • View whether the amount has been paid.

Delivery Boy end 

  • View the whole details of  order like address, name , price, quantity 
  • Once the order is delivered he can change the order status.

Admin end

  • Manage total number of customers ordering vegetables 
  • Manage raw material food category and their sub categories 
  • Add raw material items according to categories and sub categories 
  • Manage orders and order status .
  • View received order
  • Manage available area
  • Manage delivery charges according to available area 
  • Manage personal account
  • Manage banner images of front end 
  • Admin can check the order status 
  • Check the transaction details